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Investment insights

Market Update - February 2018

Graham Bishop provides an update on the investment team's views in light of recent market turbulence this week.

Recent market moves - Feb 2018.pdf
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China: Coming back into focus - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

08-12-2017 (PDF 127KB)


Can a Santa rally be delivered in December? - Benjamin Matthews, Investment Manager

01-12-2017 (PDF 156KB)


Gloomy UK growth forecasts confirm our caution - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

24-11-2017 (PDF 132KB)


Market Perspective November 2017

17-11-2017 (VIDEO)

The outlook for oil - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

10-11-2017 (PDF 124KB)


The impact of online retailing on commercial property - Charu Lahiri, Investment Manager

03-11-2017 (PDF 128KB)


China can deleverage and meet its 2020 growth goal - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

27-10-2017 (PDF 125KB)


Japan's politicians shy away from answering the big questions - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

20-10-2017 (PDF 138KB)


Market Perspective - October 2017

13-10-2017 (VIDEO)

How would we position portfolios if anticipating a Labour government? - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

06-10-2017 (PDF 124KB)


Is the 'higher yield' trade back? - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

29-09-2017 (PDF 124KB)


Angela Merkel may triumph but what will her government look like? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

22-09-2017 (PDF 274KB)


Market Perspective - September 2017

15-09-2017 (VIDEO)

Markets will keep testing the euro's pain threshold - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

08-09-2017 (PDF 121KB)


Green bonds: An evolving marketplace but not yet compelling for UK investors - Benjamin Matthews, Investment Associate

01-09-2017 (PDF 113KB)


The euro: higher or lower? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

25-08-2017 (PDF 112KB)


Market Perspective - August 2017

18-08-2017 (VIDEO)

Have investors been too complacent? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

11-08-2017 (PDF 140KB)

July's manufacturing surveys: What do they tell us about the health of the global economy? - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

04-08-2017 (PDF 139KB)

Global Economy

Let's talk about currencies - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

28-07-2017 (PDF 113KB)

Global Markets

Trump will not derail the march of sustainable investing - Benjamin Matthews, Investment Associate

21-07-2017 (PDF 124KB)

Market Perspective - July 2017

14-07-2017 (VIDEO)

Shifting from reflation to the higher yield trade - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

07-07-2017 (PDF 119KB)

Central Banks, Global Economy

Mid-Term Investment Outlook

28-06-2017 (PDF 3MB)

One year on from Brexit - Graham Bishop, Investment Director

23-06-2017 (PDF 116KB)

Brexit, UK

Market Perspective - June 2017

16-06-2017 (VIDEO)

The UK election - our key takeaways so far

09-06-2017 (PDF 119KB)

Brexit, UK

The S&P 500: Appearances can be deceptive - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

02-06-2017 (PDF 110KB)

US, Global Markets

The Fed: Predictable and gradual? - David Absolon, Investment Director

26-05-2017 (PDF 109KB)


Is the so-called 'reflation trade' over? - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

19-05-2017 (PDF 129KB)

Central Banks, Global Economy

Market Perspective - May 2017

12-05-2017 (VIDEO)

France: Will a Macron victory reduce tail risk in Europe? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

05-05-2017 (PDF 114KB)


Can positive conditions in China be maintained? - Jade Fu, Investment Manager

28-04-2017 (PDF 288KB)


UK General Election: More certainty, or less uncertainty? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

21-04-2017 (PDF 290KB)

Brexit, UK

Market Perspective - April 2017

13-04-2017 (VIDEO)

Europe, Global Economy, Global Markets

Fed watch: Prepare for more bond market volatility - David Absolon, Investment Director

07-04-2017 (PDF 295KB)

US, Bonds

UK commercial property and Brexit - Charu Lahiri, Investment Manager

31-03-2017 (PDF 294KB)

Property, UK, Brexit

Diversifying into Japanese small-caps - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

24-03-2017 (PDF 292KB)


Market Perspective - March 2017

17-03-2017 (VIDEO)

US, UK, Global Markets

Are the US healthcare sector's frailties treatable? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

10-03-2017 (PDF 297KB)


Can the market's optimism survive a mad March? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

03-03-2017 (PDF 297KB)

US, UK, Europe, Global Markets

Does the US economy need fiscal stimulus? - David Absolon, Investment Director

24-02-2017 (PDF 303KB)

US, Global Markets, Interest Rates

Market Perspective - February 2017

17-02-2017 (VIDEO)

US, UK, Central Banks

Inflation risks are rising, but not unduly - David Absolon, Investment Director

10-02-2017 (PDF 302KB)

Central Banks

European equities: focusing on fundamentals over politics - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

03-02-2017 (PDF 299KB)

Equity, Europe

China: Rebalancing but near term headwinds

27-01-2017 (PDF 118KB)

China, Equity

Market Perspective - January 2017

20-01-2017 (VIDEO)

US, Global Economy, Interest Rates

What to think as the Trump administration takes shape - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

13-01-2017 (PDF 300KB)

US, Global Markets

Outlook 2017 from Noland Carter

05-01-2017 (VIDEO)

Investment Outlook 2017

06-01-2017 (PDF 8MB)
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No surprises the Fed lifts rates, but inflation has a stronger impulse

16-12-2016 (PDF 664KB)

US, Interest Rates, Bonds

Market Perspective - December 2016

09-12-2016 (VIDEO)

What does a 'no' vote in the Italian referendum mean? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

02-12-2016 (PDF 293KB)

Europe, Central Banks

Early messages from Trump

25-11-2016 (PDF 675KB)

US, Global Economy

Market Perspective - November 2016

18-11-2016 (VIDEO)

Trump wins: our thoughts - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

09-11-2016 (PDF 307KB)

US, Global Economy

The next US president will shape the future of the global economy - David Absolon, Investment Director

04-11-2016 (PDF 305KB)

US, Global Economy

How do we deliver effective income solutions in today's environment? - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

28-10-2016 (PDF 307KB)

UK, Property, Equity

Fears of deflation deflate - David Absolon, Investment Director

21-10-2016 (PDF 306KB)

US, UK, Central Banks

Market Perspective - October 2016

14-10-2016 (VIDEO)

Global Markets, Central Banks, Global Economy

Sterling weakens, but it's not all bad news - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

07-10-2016 (PDF 291KB)

Brexit, UK, Central Banks

OPEC's announcement is not a game changer - Jade Fu, Investment Manager

30-09-2016 (PDF 302KB)


Has central bank wizardry run its course? - David Absolon, Investment Director

23-09-2016 (PDF 327KB)

Japan, Central Banks, US

Market Perspective - September 2016

16-09-2016 (VIDEO)

Brexit, Global Markets, US

The risk of complacency calls for more circumspection - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

09-09-2016 (PDF 291KB)

Central Banks, UK, US

Can multi asset investors invest ethically? - Benjamin Matthews, Investment Associate

02-09-2016 (PDF 299KB)


Market Perspective - August 2016

26-08-2016 (VIDEO)

US, UK, Central Banks, Global Economy

European equities: Don't lose faith yet - Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

19-08-2016 (PDF 302KB)

Europe, Equity, Central Banks

China - one year on from the panic - Jade Fu, Investment Manager

12-08-2016 (PDF 295KB)


UK Rate Cut - The Giant Awakes - Scott Ingham, Investment Director

05-08-2016 (PDF 330KB)

Brexit, Global Economy, Japan, Europe

Market Perspective - July 2016

29-07-2016 (VIDEO)

UK, Global Economy, Global Markets

Striking the right balance in fixed income – it’s not simply duration - Matthew Toms, Investment Associate

22-07-2016 (PDF 706KB)

Interest Rates, Bonds, Global Markets

Will the UK government be a forerunner to a shifting global economic narrative? - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

15-07-2016 (PDF 303KB)

UK, Brexit

Property - what has happened?

08-07-2016 (PDF 695KB)

Brexit, UK, Global Markets

Politicians are going on a Brexit hunt...but investors should not run for the hills - Michael Stanes, Investment Director

01-07-2016 (PDF 668KB)

Brexit, Global Markets, UK

Market Perspective - June 2016

27-06-2016 (VIDEO)

Brexit, UK, Global Markets

Message from the Investment Team

24-06-2016 (PDF 727KB)

UK, Europe, Global Markets

The UK referendum: Pragmatism over emotion – Michael Stanes, Investment Director

17-06-2016 (PDF 338KB)

UK, Europe, Global Markets

How are we positioned ahead of the Brexit vote? – David Absolon, Investment Director

10-06-2016 (PDF 45KB)

UK, Global Markets

Brazil clears the first hurdle, but there’s an uphill climb – Jade Fu, Investment Manager

03-06-2016 (PDF 42KB)


Fed Policy and China’s currency – should we be concerned? – Jade Fu, Investment Manager

27-05-2016 (PDF 42KB)

US, China

Are there grounds for the Fed to raise rates this summer? – David Absolon, Investment Director

20-05-2016 (PDF 44KB)


Turning lions into vegetarians – the taming of EM growth – Jade Fu, Investment Manager

13-05-2016 (PDF 43KB)


High Yield rebounds with oil, but can it last? – David Absolon, Investment Director

06-05-2016 (PDF 44KB)


Where are we looking for income? – Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

29-04-2016 (PDF 43KB)

Equity, Property, UK

Japanese equities: Embrace the structural challenges but watch the currency – Michael Stanes, Investment Director

22-04-2016 (PDF 44KB)

EM, Equity, Japan

Europe: A summer of discontent? – Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

15-04-2016 (PDF 43KB)

Europe, Central Banks

Value vs. Growth – Benjamin Matthews Investment Associate

08-04-2016 (PDF 38KB)

Global Economy, Alternatives

An eventful quarter has closed, but what next? – Michael Stanes, Investment Director

01-04-2016 (PDF 43KB)

Global Economy, Central Banks

Where next for UK commercial property? – Charu Lahiri, Investment Manager

24-03-2016 (PDF 36KB)

UK, Property

Is the Fed complacent on inflation risks? – David Absolon, Investment Manager

18-03-2016 (PDF 40KB)


Banks are pivotal to Europe’s growth prospects – Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

11-03-2016 (PDF 41KB)

Central Banks, Europe

Brexit: The investment impact

04-03-2016 (PDF 75KB)

Europe, UK

Time to broaden our EM exposure – Jade Fu, Investment Manager

26-02-2016 (PDF 47KB)

EM, China

US recession risks are rising, but how likely an outcome? – David Absolon, Investment Director

12-02-2016 (PDF 37KB)

US, Interest Rates

European banks: Rising risks, but not a repeat of 2011/2012 – Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager

05-02-2016 (PDF 39KB)

Europe, Central Banks

As US corporates face more headwinds, expect more performance dispersion – Michael Stanes, Investment Director

29-01-2016 (PDF 50KB)

US, Global Markets, Alternatives

The commodity adjustment: A boost for developed economies? – Michael Stanes, Investment Director

22-01-2016 (PDF 43KB)

Global Economy, Commodities

If you can keep your head about you – David Absolon, Investment Director

15-01-2016 (PDF 38KB)

Global Economy, China, US

Assessing an extraordinary week for global markets – David Absolon, Investment Director

08-01-2016 (PDF 54KB)

Global Economy, China

Investment Outlook 2016

23-12-2015 (PDF 2MB)

Bonds, Commodities, Equity, Property