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Total Return strategies

We believe in fundamental investing, looking for real value to deliver strong, risk-adjusted performance over the long term through multi asset investing. 

Our globally diversified total return portfolios are central to our investment offering and are available in a choice of four risk profiles. They are suitable for investors who want long term capital growth and protection from the harmful effects of inflation.

These strategies aim to deliver a total return in line with their target over the long term by investing in a globally diversified range of assets.


  • Performance benchmark CPI + 1% p.a. over the long term*
  • Emphasis on capital preservation
  • Lowest risk of the four strategies
  • Performance benchmark CPI + 2% p.a. over the long term*
  • For investors looking for some growth with limited risk
  • Performance benchmark CPI + 3% p.a. over the long term*
  • For investors who have a medium tolerance to risk
  • Performance benchmark CPI + 4% p.a. over the long term*
  • Emphasis on capital growth
  • Highest risk of the four strategies

*The benchmarks shown above relate to the Heartwood Investment Management strategies which the CF Heartwood Multi Asset Funds are managed to and are shown for comparison purposes only as the funds do not have formal benchmarks.

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