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Income strategies

Our income strategies aim to deliver a stable monthly income that investors can rely on as well as protecting capital from the harmful effects of inflation over the long term.

The strategies are globally diversified and consist of a wide range of income generating assets including global equities, bonds and property. They aim to distribute stable monthly payments and quarterly top-up payments. See the schedule of recent payments here.

There are two income strategies which map directly to our cautious and balanced risk profiles. The majority of our client assets are invested at these risk levels, so we believe these solutions will appeal to a broad range of income-seeking investors.

The current expected yield for our Income strategy is 3.4% and for our Income Plus strategy it is 3.8% (as at 30 September 2016).

  • Performance benchmark CPI + 2% p.a. over the long term*
  • For investors looking for some growth with limited risk
  • Sustainable, attractive levels of income
Income Plus
  • Performance benchmark CPI + 3% p.a. over the long term*
  • For investors who have a medium tolerance to risk
  • Aiming for higher levels of sustainable income

*The benchmarks shown above relate to the Heartwood Investment Management strategies which the CF Heartwood Multi Asset Funds are managed to and are shown for comparison purposes only as the funds do not have formal benchmarks.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Income strategies leaflet

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Income payments explained

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Ethical leaflet

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