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Multi asset strategies

At Heartwood, we have chosen to concentrate our expertise on a focused range of investment strategies; Total Return, Sustainable and Income.

In our experience, most people’s investment objectives map very closely to one of four broad categories. At Heartwood, we label these categories Defensive, Cautious, Balanced and Growth. For each, we have an investment strategy that seeks to deliver a return at or above a set target level.

Performance targets

Each strategy has a benchmark target which is aligned to its risk profile. Over a rolling five year investment cycle, strategies aim to meet or exceed their target.

Our team have the ability to invest across a broad range of global assets, regions and sectors without the restrictions often associated with aligning to a market-based index. These benchmarks are intended to assist us in providing clients with a predictable investment journey - one that is consistent and steady, and seeks to minimise downside risk.


Sustainable strategies

Accessing the strategies

Our global multi asset strategies can be accessed in a number of ways. The most popular route is through our multi asset funds. These funds are efficient and have a number of benefits, including the absence of VAT on the annual management charge, and deferred Capital Gains Tax while fully invested.

Heartwood also offers segregated portfolios (with minimum investment requirements) for those who prefer this structure. Our Sustainable strategies are currently only available as segregated portfolios.


Total Return strategies

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Sustainable strategies

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Income strategies

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