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As specialists in global multi asset investing, we focus on making intelligent asset allocation decisions and diversifying properly to manage risk.

Why our approach? In short, because it is proven, robust, consistent and transparent.

Each of our investment strategies has a clear target return, and we focus on delivering positive real returns over the long term. This objective promotes transparency and focus, for both us and our clients.

We invest from the top down, first identifying an optimal blend of asset classes, then actively managing it over time, anticipating and adjusting to changes in market conditions.

When doing this, our work is grounded in analysis of the fundamentals. We are interested in the true underlying value of an investment, not its current popularity.

We focus on making investments capable of delivering good long term performance, rather than chasing the latest market fad.

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"Whether you are investing for growth or seeking a reliable and steady income, Heartwood’s multi asset approach allows you to benefit from opportunities in asset classes, sectors and themes worldwide." Noland Carter, Head of Heartwood Investment Management and Chief Investment Officer

Managing risks

Robust risk management is one of several things that sets Heartwood apart.

We use a wide variety of measures to assess risk, emphasising real-world factors that matter most to clients. Our operational due diligence on investments is thorough, leaving no stone unturned. And we use industry-leading risk monitoring and analysis tools to aid clear thinking.

To us, disciplined risk management is essential if we are to be good stewards of wealth and to meet or exceed the targets we set.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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