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Why Heartwood?

As a specialist boutique investment manager, Heartwood partners with a select group of leading financial planning firms across the UK.

Rather than begin with the investment details, we first seek a meeting of minds.

Our starting point is to recognise that when people engage with our industry, advice is what they value most from a financial planner. Advice that helps them articulate and meet their individual goals and aspirations.

We believe that in the future the most successful financial planning firms will specialise in providing this advice, outsourcing investment management.

Coming from an investment manager, a pitch for outsourcing is not surprising. Where we differ from many others is in our core beliefs:

  • First, financial planning firms must retain the entire client relationship. Passing this to an investment manager is a strategic mistake, eroding the value of the financial planner’s own business.
  • Second, financial planning firms would benefit from being able to offer a complete investment solution for all of their clients, regardless of the investment amount. Partnering with different firms for clients with different levels of wealth adds undue complexity and leads to operational inefficiencies.

"What makes Heartwood different? First-class investing, combined with deep partnerships that help financial planning firms to flourish"

Our partnership model builds on these convictions. Through it we offer:

  • A clear, reliable and compelling solution that supports your due diligence obligations.
  • An investment proposition that fits seamlessly into your advice model.
  • Reduced back office costs through simplified onboarding and client administration.
  • A clear, reliable and compelling investment offering, delivering consistent client outcomes.
  • First-rate tools – that complement your advice process.
  • Multi asset strategies available as both models and funds, via external platforms, product providers and our discretionary service.
  • The agility and responsiveness of a boutique combined with the robust processes of a large institution.
  • Direct access to Heartwood’s senior team.

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