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Partnership model

Our partnership model helps financial planning firms improve profitability and enrich their client relationships. Financial planners are given extensive support, access and insight, and gain more time to spend with their clients.

The FCA expects firms to deliver 6 key ‘Consumer Outcomes’ for their clients. The Heartwood proposition has been built with these in mind to help our partners comply.

Delivery of consistent client outcomes.

Firms running multiple propositions will need to justify why clients with the same risk profile have been offered different solutions. Our proposition could be suitable for a firm’s entire client base. 


Advisory firms need to deliver a transparent investment journey. We offer comprehensive client reporting including full portfolio breakdown, drawdown analysis and timely notifications of portfolio trades. 

Clear communications that clients can understand.  

This applies before, during and after a sale.
Our documentation and tools have been created in conjunction with our partner firms to meet their business needs. 

"Heartwood is a genuine business partner in all but law. They have helped us to improve our clients’ investment experience and increase our business efficiency and profit. They are so much more than a clever investment manager." Geoff Dyckes, Owner and Managing Director, Global Financial

We produce a range of comprehensive documents to ensure that our partners and their clients always know what’s happening to their investment – and why.

Sample client report
Sample quarterly report 
Sample portfolio update
Sample monthly strategy review

We are able to co-brand a range of literature with committed partners such as:

  • Quarterly fund reports with joint introductory section
  • Investment Insights co-branded
  • Jointly sponsored client events

We have an ongoing training programme for financial planners and support staff:

  • Kick off meeting for launch and Q&A
  • Immersion session with team
  • Quarterly update sessions
  • Regular meetings with investment directors as required
  • Ad hoc CPD accredited quarterly training modules

Our partners expect first rate customer service and we’ve built an excellent team to deliver this:

  • Dedicated relationship manager for each firm
  • Responsive telephone support team - with named individuals allocated to each partner
  • Comprehensive on boarding suite of materials
  • Out of hours support

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