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Our team

Noland Carter high res.jpg

Noland Carter

Head of Heartwood Investment Management & Chief Investment Officer

Michael Stanes high res.jpg

Michael Stanes

Investment Director

Scott Ingham high res.jpg

Scott Ingham

Investment Director

David Absolon high res.jpg

David Absolon

Investment Director

Jade Fu high res.jpg

Jade Fu

Investment Manager

Jaisal Pastakia high res.jpg

Jaisal Pastakia

Investment Manager

Charu Lahiri high res.jpg

Charu Lahiri

Investment Manager

Benjamin Matthews high res.jpg

Benjamin Matthews

Investment Associate

Saajan Mahbubani high res.jpg

Saajan Mahbubani

Investment Associate

Matthew Toms high res.jpg

Matthew Toms

Investment Associate

Matt Hollier high res.jpg

Matt Hollier

Head of Investment Product

Marian Black high res.jpg

Marian Black

Head of Investment Marketing

Sophie Worthington high res.jpg

Sophie Worthington

Investment Communications Associate

Charlotte Fletcher high res.jpg

Charlotte Fletcher

Communications Associate

Fiona Thomas high res.jpg

Fiona Thomas

Senior Investment Writer

Anubhuti Srivistava high res.jpg

Anubhuti Srivastava

IT Business Analyst

Jasmin Bradley high res.jpg

Jasmin Bradley


Poppy Ropner high res.jpg

Poppy Ropner


Kevin Divall high res.jpg

Kevin Divall

Head of Portfolio Implementation

Damien McDaid high res.jpg

Damien McDaid

Portfolio Associate

Jonathan Towers high res.jpg

Jonathan Towers

Head Dealer

Antony Twallin high res.jpg

Anthony Twallin


Mark Rockliffe high res.jpg

Mark Rockliffe

Head of Intermediary Sales

Nick Hendy high res.jpg

Nick Hendy

Intermediaries Client Director

Kevin Rait colour.jpg

Kevin Rait

Intermediaries Client Director

Jim Clay high res.jpg

Jim Clay

Intermediaries Client Director

Paul Rose resized

Paul Rose

Intermediaries Client Director

Chris Whittingham colour.jpg

Chris Whittingham

Intermediaries Client Director

Justin Ralph

Justin Ralph

Business Manager

Frances Crozier high res.jpg

Frances Crozier

Intermediary Support Associate

Catherine Smith hig res.jpg

Catherine Smith

Intermediary Support Associate

Hugh Tottenham high res.jpg

Hugh Tottenham

Client Director

Olivia Andrew colour.jpg

Olivia Andrew

Assistant Client Director

Haydn Aird colour.jpg

Haydn Aird

Head of Third Party Distribution