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Our culture

Two words summarise the way we work – collective and accountable.

A team approach

Many investment firms put the spotlight on a few individuals. Heartwood is different, harnessing the combined strength of the whole team so that great ideas always get the attention they deserve.

Decisions face a healthy challenge. Recommendations are debated. And we take collective responsibility for delivering returns that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Accountable for results

When managing investments, we expect to be held accountable.

We believe clients have a right to be told, clearly, how their investment strategy is performing. In our communication, we strive to be open and frank, in both good times and bad.

Building on that, we try to make ourselves accessible, creating opportunities for clients to meet and directly question members of our investment team.

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Our history

Heartwood’s origins date back to 1988 and we have built our reputation as specialists in sophisticated multi asset investing.

In 2013, Heartwood became part of Handelsbanken, a Swedish banking group that has grown rapidly across the UK. The merger brought together two companies with similar cultures and a shared emphasis on excellent client service.

Building trust and developing value

Heartwood Investment Management was recently invited by The Investment Association (IA) to contribute towards a short news-style film with ITN Productions for the ‘Building Trust and Delivering Value’ series. The film highlights how culture, long-termism and sustainability go hand-in-hand at Heartwood, creating the best environment for both our clients and the business. It was showcased at The IA's Stewardship and Governance Conference on 22 November 2018.


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